Cleaning Services

St. Louis Commercial Cleaning Service

This is much more to us than empting trash. It’s helping to make someone’s day better. We tell every employee, “Don’t be the reason why someone has a bad day. When you are cleaning, think of the people that will be sitting at that desk or in this building. You don’t know what their morning was like or what is happening in their life. They probably will not notice if their desk is clean, but they sure will notice if yesterdays crumbs are still there in the morning”.

Lineback Building Services is a local, family owned business. Your money stays in our local economy, resulting in your support of our community.

We personally hire and train our employees to ensure your cleaning standards as well as your security requirements are meet, and we maintain strong employee retention.

We are insured and bonded for your protection.

No subcontracting. We hire, train and supervise our EMPLOYEES. (Many of our competitors do not supervise their employees and the customers feel like they are the baby sitter). Training and supervision of employees, along with excellent communication are two keys to our success.

No red tape. We are here to provided you with a healthy, clean environment that meets your budget. Your facility will be cleaned thoroughly and completely to your requirements.

We tailor our services according to our customer’s needs, wants and expectations. We get to know the people working in the facilities and what is important them. We match accounts and employees to provided the best possible results. We train employees for the accounts they are assigned.

One point of contact. No call centers or 800 numbers to deal with. If a customer calls with some specifics about their facility we know what they are talking about.

Automatic time keeping system. Employees clock in using onsite phone only. We can them track their time in the facility (this is big, everyone feels cheated with time) this also eliminated no shows, overall added security and helps us to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

We have happy long term customers!

At Lineback Business Services, we never let up on perfection. We constantly work to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.