Cleaning and Janitorial FAQ

What is the difference between Lineback Building Services and a franchised company?

Once the franchised company receives a bid, they sell the account to a local franchise to perform services. The franchisee has to clean more square footage per hour than a conventional company to make a profit. This almost always results in customer dissatisfaction and the contracts of a franchise company seem to be very difficult to break. At Lineback Building Services, we provide a competitive bid, according to your specifications and the ability to deliver on those promises. Our contract is simple, if we are unable to perform according to your requiements, we ask for a 30 day notice.

Do you provide your own equipment?

Yes, we provided commercial grade equipment and supplies that will be necessary to provide you with the best possible results.

Can you provided our paper prodcuts?

Yes, we can supply you with paper products, soaps, hygiene products, trash can liners, air fresheners along with many other products you may need.

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes, and at your request we can provide you with necessary paper work.

What is the difference between a nationally operated janitorial company and a locally owned company?

A national company typically has a sales team that is paid commission one time at the start of the contact. The sales person generally does not keep any contact with you after the sale is made. National companies usually bid very low and then sub-contract out to local companies to carry out the services for the account.

The main office performs all the billing and other administration tasks as a result the profit is too low for the local company to perform the tasks as original promised. Often large corporations that have facilities all over the county will use this approach.

With Lineback Building Services you will receive a competitive bid according to your requirements. You will also have direct contact with management. Any concerns or special requests you have are handled quickly. If at any point we fail to perform, you can cancel our agreement with 30 days notice.

What is your Turnover rate?

We have low staff turnover. The reason for this is due to our hiring practices, supervision, ongoing training and above average pay.