Carpet Cleaning

St. Louis Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Lineback Building Services provides carpet cleaning as a part of our comprehensive set of janitorial and cleaning services to customers across the St. Louis area.

If you want us to clean the carpets in your office or facility, there is no need for you to make special arrangements, just call or email us and we will take care of everything for you.

Our machine is portable, therefore there are no long hoses to damage walls or leak
dirty water onto the clean carpet. You also do not have to be concerned about a guest or employee tripping and or falling over a hose or slipping on a wet floor.

Our machine is a commercial grade gold star rated steam carpet cleaner, and has a 500 psi jet. The water at the nozzle is 212 degrees.

We pre-spray the entire carpet, before cleaning. Our 2nd to last step is to rinse the carpet with clean water, then extract.

Any furniture or other items we move, we put back into place for you. Once we’re done with the carpet cleaning process, the carpet will be 95% dry when we leave.

Whether you are just looking for carpet cleaning of your St. Louis area office or facility, or you want to add carpet cleaning to your service contact Lineback Building Services.